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Impulses are fun!

Today and tomorrow I am calling folks who bought singing voicemails from me in my fundraiser for my new album Something Fierce, and I was a tiny bit sad because not every fan who desired a voicemail got one.  I wanted to give more one away for free just for fun, but didn’t want to devalue the messages folks already paid for.

Then @joethepeacock swooped to the rescue and generously purchased one more voicemail to be awarded to the lucky winner of this contest!  Rules as follows:

  • Submit a limerick (or as many as you like) to me via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail (mariancall*at*!!
  • Material should be PG-13 please as I’m going to post it on my blog!!
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be about me, it can be about anything that might amuse us all!!
  • I’ll pick a favorite with no guarantees of impartiality or fairness, and the creator will win a voicemail from me!!
  • Several non-winners will be posted on my blog for fun!!
  • Contest begins now and ends whenever I wake up tomorrow, likely to be about 10am AKDT!!

The Voicemail portion of my annual fundraiser is of course inspired by the radio show Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me! in which contestants play for Carl Kasell’s voice on their home answering machine.  Which is pretty much one of my favorite prizes I ever heard of.  So in addition to winning a voicemail, the winner gets the fun of being announced as winner on Twitter by @PeterSagal.  (If this means nothing to you, well, you should listen to the radio more often, because then you’d know how frakking awesome that is.)

Why limericks? Because I love to rhyme and scansion is my life.  Points for working with/against the form.





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  1. In Alaska, the largest of all
    There are sounds guaranteed to enthrall –
    If you listen at night
    And you’re lucky, you might
    Hear a loon or a Marian call!

    • Nearly forgot – my Twittername is TokenSkeptic. :)

  2. I’m not really much of a poet
    If you’ve read my poems you’d know it
    When I say “limerick”
    It rhymes with “I’m Nick!”
    My poems also don’t really flow it

    — @V2Blast

  3. ‘pon eating a huge Baked Alaska,
    My girl said she’d dance if I asked her.
    Her moves were so fine,
    I said “Do be mine!”
    What the frak rhymes: Madagascar.

    • Coo, I rhymed lines 3 and 4 in line 5 without thinking. I’ll credit that to the Scotch.

      • So what did the lady reply?

      • My licence above was poetic.
        We do seem to be empathetic.
        Each txtd “had fun!’
        Courting will be done.
        I do hope it ends copacetic!

  4. The News all around I am dreading
    It’s noise that I’d rather be shedding
    The shade of the dress
    Is way too much stress
    It’s not even our Royal _________.

  5. One last opportunity soon
    Atlantis is flying in June
    The astronaut’s choice
    Is Marian’s voice
    They ‘d rather hear “Good Morning, ____”

  6. There once was a girl from Alaska,
    A musical multitasker.
    She’d play melodies,
    On typewriter keys,
    And rainstick whenever you’d ask her.

  7. […] my entry for Marian Call’s limerick contest. If you’ve seen Firefly, you’ll probably remember […]

  8. Of redheads I have to opine,
    A particular penchant of mine,
    I love hair that’s ginger,
    Especially when oranger,
    Oh bugger, I’ve run out of rhymes.

    • .
      CongrAdulations. In the eternal search for a word that rhymes with ‘orange’, you’ve come close, treelobsters, very close.

      • .
        OMG, I cannot stop…
        A neighbor’s new dog was named Ginge’.
        That name sent us out on a binge.
        When we stopped the hilarity,
        I saw the disparity;
        It still doesn’t rhyme up with ‘orange’.

  9. The worlds of the Twelve Tribes of Man
    Were nuked in the Cylon’s grand plan
    So jump did the Fleet
    Toward Earth in retreat
    And all this will happen again

  10. Just for fun, not competing

    An autoerotic named Rand
    Hung out with a gambling band
    At poker he failed
    And at blackjack he failed
    But he still had a heck of a hand

  11. A limerick I’ve stuck in my head
    On Marian’s blog be share-ed
    I’d have made it a tweet
    But length limit did meet
    So here I will post it instead


    That’s shared as two syllables. Lamenting Twitter’s character limit when posting my last inspired this.

  12. There once was a man from a land
    Which sounds like a masculine gland
    Sure you know what I mean
    But to stay PG-13
    Requires this punchline be bland

  13. Shouldn’t tempt me when I should be sleeping.
    PG – Limerics eh…

    There once was a gal full of sass,
    who sings folk with a dash of jazz.
    Her concerts were great,
    touring the lower 48.
    Playing a typewriter with great panashe.

    There was a show staring Jayne,
    And this girl who was quite insane.
    It’s on a new station,
    to my great jubilation.
    Cause dealing with Fox was a pain.

    Maybe more when I get some sleep, but those are usually less creative.

  14. To be, or to not is the question
    On which I have spent some reflection.
    I think I’ll act madly,
    Observe t’effect on the fam’ly.
    That decided, let’s get on with the action.

  15. It’s over. We’re done. I’ve said it.
    It feels better now that we both know it.
    You shouldn’t look so blue
    It was good for you too.
    But life’s too short to spend with you reddit.

  16. Late I know, but this came to me while driving.

    There once was a girl from Anchorage,
    Who at her very young age,
    Did think it would nifty,
    To drive through all fifty,
    To help make her music all the rage.

  17. One I wrote for someone having a uretral stent replaced:

    We hear that you got a new stent
    Did you give up the old one for Lent?
    Take care on the sofa
    And when you bend ovah–
    You don’t want that thing to get bent.

  18. I thought Marian’s lovely young tone
    Would sound perfect upon my cell phone.
    My wife gave me a wallop
    After hearing “some trollop”
    Leave a message. Now I sleep alone.

  19. .
    Prudhoe pumps out day and night,
    but Accountants and Lawyers and spite,
    with a forest of paper conflate a tax caper —
    Why not just meter the pipe?

  20. .
    These limericks were all just so good.
    With minor adjustments they would
    mostly be winners
    and worthy of dinners
    rewarding “Little Engine(s) That Could”.
    “I think I can I- think I can”
    do limericks for made Marian.
    I’ll prob’ly be late
    the usual fate
    when rhyming whilst being a fan.
    She said she was a “True geek”,
    but shyness does not equal meek.
    Without adding pompos-ity:
    We DELIGHT curios-ity –
    Agile mind doesn’t mean freak.
    So tell me the contest’s not closed,
    or on prizes I’m certainly hosed.
    The reward’s in the writing,
    some message delighting,
    as the tune is already composed.

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