January 08 – I Shaved My Legs for This?

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It’s cold up here in Anchorage, and even at the finest restaurants, even on New Year’s Eve, the dress code tends to be casual. Well, casual plus fur. But I was bound and determined to dress up for dinner on New Year’s Eve, cold weather or no.

Dressing up turned out to be quite an operation; since we were on foot, I had to wear jeans & long johns, thick socks, snow boots, a shirt, sweater, and a jacket over my slinky dress. I did a quick change at the restaurant and felt extremely silly and a little vain compared to everyone else in the whole state. But I got to dress up and feel girly for a night, which was a rare treat.

I don’t think of myself as a posh, citified type of female — I try to be low-maintenance — but here in Alaska standards are a little different. And according to a lot of my native or born-and-raised Alaskan friends, my behavior last night would be typical of an “Outsider.” Or worse, a “Californian.” And I have to concede their point: a lot of metropolitan fashions and customs just don’t work up here, even in Anchorage. Tiny handbag dogs are just snacks for hungry ravens and eagles. Polar fleece is not as warm as fur. Shaved legs = cold legs.

So I wrote this month’s song as an ode to my strong, beautiful, tough-as-nails Alaskan girlfriends — both the natives and the imports — who really understand how a body ought to live up here. And after I finished editing, mixing, and mastering the song, which I did with an eggnog latte in one hand and a cell phone in the other, I went to shave my legs, paint my toenails, and enjoy a night out on the town in Anchorage.* Hope you enjoy the tune!

Jan SOTM Marian Call

*For those of you who don’t know, Anchorage is not in Alaska. But Alaska is only twenty minutes away by car (or forty by dogsled).

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