Happy Kickstarter Eve! Photos by Valette you’re unlikely to forget

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In celebration, I’m thrilled to unveil the complete set of photos I shot with +Valette Keller for the Kickstarter: http://www.flickr.com/photos/valette/sets/72157630338274326/show/. Click through for the whole slideshow, it’s amazing!


This is an amazing wearable art piece from the Anchorage fashion show “Object: Runway,” designed by Anchorage armorer & smithy Chris Cushman of Penguinarms (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Penguin-Arms/172408626146626).  It won third place overall in the wearable art show!  And made me scareder than I’ve been in a long time as I walked up and down the catwalk with no backstrap securing the halter top.  But hey, it’s for art!

Chris made the gorgeous steel rose and the jewelry too, both of which will be making an appearance in my fundraiser.

Yes, these will be available during the upcoming fundraiser in some form.


To be sure you don’t miss the Kickstarter details, get on the e-mail list here: http://mariancall.fanbridge.com.

P.S. Thanks to all the many first- and second-wave feminists who worked so hard to ensure that I could do a project like this and just find it a fun and empowering art project, a tribute to classic high fantasy. It’s not a commentary on anything, it’s just for fun.  You are welcome to think about it whatever you like, but creeper comments are subject to deletion so they can stay in your head.  I really enjoyed doing a project like this with a very normal-sized healthy girl body instead of a wasp waist.


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  1. Wow, you look more gorgeous than ever. What a great piece of armour, although I’m not sure how practical it would be in battle. :D The jewellery is beautiful too.

  2. OK, that picture just isn’t fair. I was ALREADY completely enthralled and enchanted by you. I’m only human, Marian – what are you trying to do to me?!

  3. Greetings from India!
    That is a really a great photo-set and the shots with the cloak are definitely better looking overall in terms of visual impact and style (like the one you’ve posted here).

    Been a fan for a while and really appreciate and enjoy your music – Got To Fly is still one of the albums I listen to a lot of the time, the song of that name is one of my favourites too.

    Looking forward to more great music!

  4. *looks at file name*


    Erm. Erm.

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