Something Fierce is here!

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Batten your hatches.  This is simple.  I’ll try to use small words.

Listen to the album for free: or

Buy the CD cuz if you buy the CD you get a complimentary immediate digital download:

Buy just the digital:

View the really fun music video collaboration with Awkward Embraces:

Read all the lyrics:

View the liner notes the way they ought to be, with tons of extra photos by Brian Adams:
(Protip:  select “slideshow”)

Embed a player on a website:
<iframe width=”400″ height=”100″ style=”position: relative; display: block; width: 400px; height: 100px;” src=”; allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″><a href=””>Something Fierce by Marian Call</a></iframe>

Tell your friends on Twitter: post about @mariancall, hashtag #somethingfierce

Tell your friends on Facebook:

Tell your friends on G+:

Have a question for Marian about the album, anonymous or otherwise:

Need help with anything:

I hope you like it!  *nervousface* *also thankfulface*

I’m off to revise the entire interwebs about me now.  ‘Bye.



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  1. I prefer the slower version of “The Underground (One Bird at a Time)” a ten duotrigintillion times more than the album version, even though it’s only a scratch track. I hope you still plan to do a final bounce of the slow version too.

    I’ve known track eight as “I Hate You” for years, and that’s the title I’m keeping in my music library. It’s far more apt than “Press or Say Three (Your Call is Important to Us)” anyway.

    Overall I’m pleased with the way the scratch tracks evolved into the songs they are on the album. It’s hard to believe I’m finally listening to them and they are available to everyone now.

    There are a few songs on the album that would work better stripped down to just the basics. Production value Marian is different than live-in-concert Marian. If you ever wanted multiple versions of these songs to exist, you could always release an EP. Proposed title, “Something a Little Less Fierce”.

  2. The hook for E.S.B. is the best on the album. This song will be getting a lot of play time.

  3. Marian, please can you help me get Good Morning Moon out of my head? It’s starting to make me bounce even when I’m sitting still.

  4. Finding that “Highway Five” is making me very homesick for Oregon, after 20+ years in DC. sigh

    Still very draw to “Anchorage” and waiting to see how the other new songs grow on me with more hearings.

  5. Hmm. Why no iTunes? I see your earlier work there, but not the new album. Quite frankly, I’d already have parted with my money, and be listening to your album on my iPod if I could get it there. Instead, I’m trying to decide whether to give my personal, financial information to yet another online place. The biggies, like Apple, or Amazon I feel somewhat comfortable with. But I have no idea about this Bandcamp thing. I’m having to pause and think about this. Can I pay with Paypal there?

  6. Hey Paul Little — iTunes will follow in a couple weeks, there’s a lag getting set up there while they approve the product etc. But you can pay at Bandcamp with Paypal, it’s a very simple 2- or 3-click secure process with no login except Paypal.

    Most folks outside of music haven’t heard of Bandcamp, but a lot of Indie musicians have — and they’re one of our more beloved companies, as they give me about 90 cents to the dollar paid for my music, while iTunes gives me 50 or 60 cents to the dollar. They’ve created a pretty brilliant solution to music sales for folks like me without a label.

    • I discovered that. I now own the album. Still trying to figure out how to get it from the zip file to my iTunes library. I’m sure I can work it out. I did for the Chris Martin and the Troubleshooters album I bought on one of those fancy cards at their show.

      As an aside, I came here via Phil Plait, who showcased your song Temporal Dominoes on his blog. That’s a great song, and it sold me the album. So you owe him, like, a return plate of cookies or something.

      • Oh, look! I appear to have failed to close an html tag. Yep, geek in training with a long way to go. (Let’s say, ‘geek in re-training’. I originally learned computers on a Commodore64.)

  7. Just wanted to say officially how much I like the album. There are so many layers and instrumentations and rhythms and I swear you wrote Dear Mister Darcy about this guy I once knew, although of course you did not. (I mean, you couldn’t possibly have seen the meal I cooked for him… right?)

    So cool to finally get to hear it.

  8. […] that’s why I’m so excited that she has a new album out: Something Fierce, a double-album of Mariany […]

  9. […] that’s why I’m so excited that she has a new album out: Something Fierce, a double-album of Mariany […]

  10. Marian
    love all your music dear when i get the money the album will be bought by me and you take care
    Bruce Wayne

  11. New domestic page after concoct:

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