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The time has come, the Walrus said, for summaries and lists.  I have some math to do later, but for now, here’s the list of cities that partook in the 49>50 Tour:

Fairbanks, Tok, Anchorage (5 shows) AK
Fort St. John, Tsawwassen, Vancouver BC
St. Albert (2 shows), Edmonton  AB
Fargo ND
Minneapolis (2), Savage, Roseville (2) MN
West Bend WI
Chicago IL    (3)
Saugatuck, Ferndale MI
Indianapolis IN    (2)
Fairfield, Des Moines IA
Kansas City, St. Louis MO
Manhattan KS
Claremore OK
Austin (2), Houston, Dallas,  TX
Albuquerque, Santa Fe NM
Green Valley, Chandler AZ
Cambridge, Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener ON
Lancaster, Joshua Tree, San Juan Capistrano, San Diego (4), Encino, Venice, San Luis Obispo, Redwood City, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Elk Grove CA
Las Vegas NV
Sandy UT
Boulder, Monument CO
Cheyenne WY
Bozeman MT
Prosser, Spokane, Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Seattle (4), Bellingham WA
Bend, Portland (2), Eugene OR
Boise ID
Sioux Falls SD
Omaha NE
Conway AR
New Orleans (2), Sulphur LA
Biloxi MS
Hunstville, Auburn AL
Atlanta GA (4)
Fort Lauderdale, Winter Park FL
Greenville SC
Charlotte, Raleigh, Julian NC
Roanoke, Fairfax VA
Charleston WV
Louisville KY
Lebanon, Nashville TN
Westlake, Cincinnati OH
Edgewater, Silver Spring MD
Vernon CT
Claymont DE
Philadelphia PA
Long Valley, Highland Park NJ
Glenmont, New York (2), Brooklyn NY
Providence RI
Montpelier VT
Portland ME
Holden, Boston, Cambridge MA
Concord NH
Montréal QC
Winnipeg MB
Regina SK
Honolulu HI  (3)

The list is final as of this writing, though Hawai’i may still surprise me with another booking outside HNL. Oh, and if you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a map. Hawai’i will get added to that once I complete it.

In other words: I haven’t been everywhere this year.  But I’ve come damn close.  (And yes, I still want to live in Anchorage.)

I wish I could tell you how many towns and suburbs and cities are on this list through the sheer force of will of a single person in that town who REALLY wanted me to come to their place and not somewhere else.  I couldn’t honor every request, but I nearly broke myself trying, because you guys are worth it.

If you Twitter-catch me snoozing a little on the job through the next month or two — this list would be why.  Currently I’m sleeping a lot, wrapping up tour business, planning Hawai’i, writing postcards, and breaking out my studio because I have an album to finish.  Oh, and I hafta do my taxes.  From last year.  *gulp*

Love to all — Marian



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  1. Marian, it was obvious on meeting you how much you really wanted to be able to go to EVERY place where people wanted you. No way that you could make everyone happy, but you sure did your best. (And your best was pretty damn good!!)

    Take a rest. You deserve it!! We may miss you, but iif we don’t understand, what kind of friend-fans are we?? :)

  2. I count 13 shows in 12 Canadian cities in 6 provinces plus 118 shows in 106 US cities in 50 states, for a total of 131 shows.
    Shows Cities State/ Province
    7 3 AK
    3 3 BC
    3 2 AB
    1 1 ND
    5 3 MN
    1 1 WI
    3 1 IL
    2 2 MI
    2 1 IN
    2 2 IA
    2 2 MO
    1 1 KS
    1 1 OK
    4 3 TX
    2 2 NM
    2 2 AZ
    4 4 ON
    15 12 CA
    1 1 NV
    1 1 UT
    2 2 CO
    1 1 WY
    1 1 MT
    9 6 WA
    4 3 OR
    1 1 ID
    1 1 SD
    1 1 NE
    1 1 AR
    3 2 LA
    1 1 MS
    2 2 AL
    4 1 GA
    2 2 FL
    1 1 SC
    3 3 NC
    2 2 VA
    1 1 WV
    1 1 KY
    2 2 TN
    2 2 OH
    2 2 MD
    1 1 CT
    1 1 DE
    1 1 PA
    2 2 NJ
    4 3 NY
    1 1 RI
    1 1 VT
    1 1 ME
    3 3 MA
    1 1 NH
    1 1 QC
    1 1 MB
    1 1 SK
    3 1 HI
    131 106

  3. Doing your taxes is easy, according to the new form.

    Line 1: How much did you earn last year?_______________________

    Line 2: Send it in.____________________________________________

    Thanks for undertaking the tour. We’ll catch you when you do it again!


  4. This is just one of the many, many reasons we love you. :)

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