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10/06/2010 at 10:52 pm | Posted in General Nerdery, News & Explanations | 6 Comments

Note: This show has already finished airing, but I’ll leave this post up for nostalgia’s sake. You can view videos of the event still hosted at

Hey! Some of you have so many questions, we thought it would be easier to answer them here!

First of all, I’m Marian Call,, and accompanying me tonight is the incredible inimitable Scott Barkan,  We’re playing at’s Secret World Domination Headquarters!

If you have a live, real-time question, address it to or and they will guide you. If you’re chatting about the show on Twitter, the hashtag is #MarianTGHQ — so you can see chatter about the show at

You can watch and chat at The show will also be embedded at

If you are enjoying the show, please drop a tip in the Paypal tip jar or buy some music!  You can download stuff, or at Amazon or any number of online retailers — but Marian’s preferred is (it also has the most and newest and secretest tracks).  For physical cd’s, visit  For T-shirts or bags or hoodies, visit

Online Listeners! We are making a crazy quilt compilation of online listeners to represent the community of folks listening from afar. E-mail your SFW photo to for the photo of you, listening, to be included!

Online Contests! We are playing Geek Bingo here at Thinkgeek HQ, but online viewers are welcome to play games too. To win one of 4 Thinkgeek prizes, Tweet @thinkgeek during the show using the hashtag #MarianTGHQ — and randomly selected winners will get the following:

7pm – 7:30pm:   Plush Darth Vader

7:30pm – 8pm:   Plush Yoda

8pm – 8:30pm:   $150 Thinkgeek Gift Certificate

8:30pm – 9pm:   Wampa Rug

(I recommend you do it more than once as any of these gifts are awesome. Also, to our dear overseas friends: these items will be shipped direct from Thinkgeek HQ without the insane shipping rates, so feel free to enter!  These items can be shipped overseas if you win (within reason)).

If you have an idea for a T-shirt that Thinkgeek should make, you can submit it at!  You may have to login.

Yes, we are taping the show to play later, barring technical difficulties.

And again, if you enjoy what you see, please tip accordingly.  Paying voluntarily for stuff you love is what the geeks do.  Because geeks rock.

We hope you enjoy the evening!




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  1. When is this?

    • @Anarchangel: Yesterday.

      • Ah bugger. Thanks!

  2. If you missed last night’s show, you can view it at .

  3. Hmph, let’s try that again:

    If you missed last night’s show, you can view it at

    • Thanks!

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