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The most significant accolade I earned at Stanford was a shiny certificate that declared me “MOST LIKELY TO BE LOCKED OUT” my freshman year. Twenty-two times or more, if I recall. My friends earned Phi Beta Kappa and Fulbrights, and I misplaced my bike seat. Losing things is a gift of mine. An art, really.

In fact, the day before I rolled out on this monstrosity of a tour, I managed to lock myself out of my house (with the car keys inside, of course) just minutes before my last appearance on my beloved local radio station, http://knba.org. My rescue, which involved two friends, three cars, and a beer, took the better part of an afternoon (which I desperately needed to pack and confirm little details such as whether I would be allowed to cross the Canadian border).

I am leaving pieces of myself all across the continent. I lost a pillow in the Yukon, jewelry in Saskatchewan, and candy bars in Minneapolis (Wunderbars! Available only in Canada! And they’re gone!). I lost my music stand in Michigan, broke sunglasses in Indiana and Iowa, and left half a gourmet pizza and Bryan’s music notebook on top of the car in Des Moines. And in Des Moines they remain. Thankfully I’m nerdy enough to have another complete notebook at the ready, just in case. Oh, and if you find my charts, don’t sell them to terrorist organizations or anything.

[**Interlude: in which I leave off blogging to go play an (amazing) show at the Manhattan Arts Center in Kansas, and in which I significantly misplace my keys twice. I am not making this up.**]

The only thing that made me sad to lose happened yesterday, and that was my favoritest kermit green fuzzy blanket that has gone everywhere with me on my travels for a few years. When you sleep in a different place every night, it helps to have just one blanket that’s the same. I’ll sigh just once, write this blog, and be done with it, but it’s still a little bit sad. Losing stuff is nothing new to me. In fact I can probably only take this journey because I feel like I’ve been stripped of all my belongings so completely, and so many times, that it’s hard to cling to the idea of owning anything. I’m more astounded when my belongings stay in one place than when they’re lost or stolen.

I have also turned into a de facto delivery girl. I’ve brought a guitar from Anchorage to Grand Rapids, a baby shower gift from Fargo to Minneapolis, tea from Madison to Chicago, cheese from West Bend to Indianapolis, and cookies from Fairfield to Des Moines. Watch your back, FedEx. Better step up that customer service. #iamnotyourerrandgirl

So really as I redistribute odd pieces of myself and my friends around the country I’m embodying my own experience of loss, growth, death, rebirth, and other vague abstract-ish nouns. Which I’m pretty sure makes me eligible for a grant. Losing things is my superpower.

Love from Manhattan (the other one),


My first ever crawfish avocado red pepper goat cheese pizza, in Indianapolis IN
which incidentally contained my first ever crawfish

Upcoming shows, details at http://mariancall.com:

6/6 Lynn Riggs Park, Claremore OK
6/13 Open House Concert, Houston TX
6/14 Open House Concert, Austin TX
6/17 Poor David’s Pub, Dallas TX
6/19 KISS Coffee Courtyard, Albuquerque
6/22 Open House Concert, Green Valley, AZ (Tucson area)
6/23 Open House Concert, Phoenix AZ


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  1. You sum it up in your last paragraph.How cool is it to leave a part of you wherever you go!! then there is the added pleasure of sharing your art with all that want to hear it. Very cool indeed!

  2. Those things you truly loose are those items, memories, people, that you miss one day and have no idea when or where they got away from you. Yep, happens to me. See ya in Dallas.

  3. Yes, you also left the rest of of that pictured crawfish pizza here in my fridge in Indianapolis.

    It was delicious!

  4. Your news regarding the loss of your Kermit the Frog binkie I felt was particularly poignant and sad. All things green are in danger these days as there is a disturbance in the “Force”. I lost my green plastic rimmed glasses recently. Numerous pictures of me in those readers are all that is left of that personal legacy. I like to think that your blanket and my green glasses are somewhere in between worlds possibly trying to stop up some hole in the bottom of some gulf that shall remain nameless because the uttering of it is too sad to bear.

    All the best to you on your tour. Continue on in courage knowing that all parts of you are fighting the good fight and you are leaving behind (besides beads, blankets, bangles and biscuits) timeless and irreplaceable joy in your wake.

  5. You are too precious :)

  6. Rhode Island has a song. By Blossom Dearie. “Rhode Island is Famous for You.”

    So, that’s one thing off the list.

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