It’s 2010! Let’s try something weird. Special Bootleg CD

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So, I haven’t released any new music in a while, because I’m knee-deep in a new album while trying to perform enough to make a living.  But you guys are really amazing — I mean really amazing, you’ve proven your worth over and over — and I really, deeply want to give you more music, since it’s what you keep asking for.  As often as I can.  So!  In honor of my second full-length live-streaming concert at (8pm-10pm AKST 1/8/10), I hereby declare:


from 8pm on 1/8/10 – 10am on 1/9/10  Alaska Standard Time

(that’s 9pm tonight to 11am tomorrow (1/9) PST)

(or midnight tonight to 2pm tomorrow (1/9) EST)

A special CD of Marian Call bootlegs will be available for $12.  This CD includes live cuts that have had a limited or private release, live cuts never before released, and a couple of preview tracks from the upcoming album (live cuts, not studio recordings, which will probably not be released in the future).

Order by CLICKING HERE after 8pm AKST and scrolling down.

Track List:

  1. Got to Fly (live at the Snow Goose) — the world premiere; first time ever in public
  2. Sugar Sugar Sugar (the gift shop of Wild Horse Rescue Ranch in Arizona) — preview from Something Fierce
  3. Vera Flew the Coop (Live at Whole Wheat Radio)
  4. I Wish I Were a Real Alaskan Girl (Snow Goose)
  5. Flying Feels Like (Lestat’s)
  6. Whistle While You Wait (Snow Goose)
  7. Good Old Girl (Live at Whole Wheat Radio)
  8. Dark Dark Eyes (live at Lestat’s)
  9. I’ll Still Be a Geek After Nobody Thinks It’s Chic (The Nerd Anthem) (Snow Goose)
  10. Fall Love (Whole Wheat Radio) — about bats. Bats aren’t bugs. Not scheduled for studio release, though I like it
  11. Highway Five (My Dad’s Living Room) — preview from Something Fierce, my next album
  12. Vanilla (with Commentary by Marian Call) — since I know you were wondering why I’m not sexy
  13. The Volvo Song (Lestat’s) — in which I forget the words; one of two times in over 300 performances
  14. I Think We’re Good (My Dad’s Living Room) — about springtime in Alaska. Not scheduled for studio release
  15. Never Did Catch Her Name (But She’s My Wife) (Basement Recording) — about Yo-Saff-Bridge of Firefly. Not scheduled for release.

The audio is not perfectly mixed and mastered; the songs are mostly live bootlegs.  The CD label will be nicely handwritten and autographed by me, with your name on it as you please, and the track list & credits will be printed on the printer here at WWR.  If you want a lipstick smooch on it, please specify when you order.  This is homebaked music — as in, burned on my laptop.  This is INDIE MUSIC IN ACTION.  The CD’s come with Marian’s homeburn guarantee — if the disc doesn’t work, I’ll make and ship you a new one from home, cuz I actually care about you since you’re ordering something weird like this.

The Donors’ Circle will have access to this CD for longer. Silver, Gold, and Mithril donors can place orders for the CD via Paypal throughout January, or they can ask for individual tracks as MP3’s from me and I’ll probably e-mail them for free.  I will post details about this through the Donors’ Google Group.  My turnaround time will not be quick after today’s special window, but I promise to deliver.

Disclaimers etc.:  I don’t want to limit these tracks to make them extra-exclusive or keep them a secret or be mean, I just can’t do all the work to make this CD happen for much more than a day.  As a one-woman operation I try to bring you as much as I can without running myself into the ground.  I probably won’t take the time to master and release these songs ever, so today is an excuse to share them without a huge  commitment on my part.  Hence the limited one-day release.  Rest assured, you guys deserve everything I have to give, and I am just trying to keep up with what all I’d like to offer you.

(If you want to know whether I mind if you distribute these tracks, or set them to slideshows, or cook them in soup — as long as you keep my name attached to them and don’t make money for yourself at my expense, go ahead.  My secret stuff is secreter than this.)

Great music is worth it!



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