October 08 – Final Song of the Month

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[This is a repost of an older blog from http://xanga.com/mariancall.%5D

This is a one-topic blog so that I can link to it.  There, you’ve been warned.

(But Marian, shouldn’t all your blogs have been that way?) (thpppppbt.)

It’s already been a year since I released my first hastily-recorded, oddly-mixed Song of the Month.  Here is recording number twelve, the very last song in this project.  It’s called “West of the Mountains.” I wrote it in an airplane over Salt Lake City at about 6am, flying red-eyes from Anchorage to LA.  I have written fully one-third of my songs on airplanes, in a state of sheer terror and exhaustion.  Such is the creative life.

(Hey Marian, where the heck are you now?) (In Seattle, leaving for LA tomorrow, returning to Seattle for Thanksgiving.)

I nearly have West Coast Bingo — after I’ve lived in Oregon for some time, I’ll have made my home in all four states that line the Pacific (and connect to a continent — sorry, Hawai’i).  And though I love to travel and plan to see the world, I always feel ill at ease in the center of the country, or on the east coast.  I’m sure you understand the oddly disorienting feeling of being away from home.  I’m experiencing it powerfully right now, because I already miss Anchorage to the point of physical illness.  So this is a homesick song.  It’s also my audition song for “Prairie Home Companion” or “The Mountain Stage” someday.  An NPR-obsessed girl can dream.

(But Marian, I can’t click here!)
(If you’re already reading the blog, you can’t “click here,” because “click here” leads to this blog.  Don’t panic.)

This is a live recording from my Tour Farewell Concert at the Snow Goose Theater.  You’re hearing Kyle Harrington on guitar, Colter Lemons on drums, Nathan Levine on bass, and Adam Stewart on violin.  This concert was amazing — there’s video of my band playing one song, “Honeyed Out” by Kris Delmhorst, here.  http://vimeo.com/1847974

“West of the Mountains” is a free download on myspace for the month of November, and if you’re not a myspacer, you can e-mail me and ask for it.  I’m still having issues with my MP3 distribution mechanism.  Sorry.  Snocap sucks.  So you get free music!  Yay!  I am switching to Nimbit, another downloady system, and they will make it possible to download all 12 songs as one inexpensively-priced digital album soon — even on iTunes.

There won’t be CD’s.  I mean, there will be CD’s, with a bunch of extra bootleg live cuts of Songs of the Month, but then again, there won’t.  I already explained all that in the e-mail newsletter or some other blog or somewhere.

(But Marian, you never explained that!) (Yes I did, in my notices about the fundraiser in September.)

(But I never read stuff about fundraising.  I thought I was supposed to skip that part.  Only people with no life read the fundraising stuff.)(See “Marian’s NPR fandom” above.  Only good kind upstanding furry creature-loving people participate in fundraising, and those people get the CD.  If it’s after the fundraiser, sorry, too bad.  Though I can promise you to re-record a number of these one day so you can in fact own them on a disc.)

(But I want one!)
(So if you want a CD, donate $40 before November 15th.  That’s the rules, or it cheapens it for everyone else who took time to read the fundraising stuff.  You can still download it from iTunes in time for Christmas for much cheaper.)

(Speaking of Christmas…and Chanukah and Solstice and Flag Day…) (That’s right, Vanilla would love to inhabit your home, as well as the homes of your families and friends.  It wants to make friends with all your other CD’s, which are doubtless in excellent taste and not at all pirated.  Get Vanilla through iTunes or here: http://www.cdbaby.com/mariancall).  If you’re too poor for that, download the free tracks this month and go leave a review somewhere, and if you ask nicely I may send you another free song. Because I love you all!

Hope to see the LA and SD crew this month. ‘Til then, bye.


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