Nov 08 – New Album!!!!1!!!! Special Project for Geeks Like Me

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And it’s a very special one, for a group of very special fans who have fed and housed me and given me many, many stickers, T-shirts, and lanyards, and even my treasured rain stick.  But everyone’s invited to enjoy it, because it’s non-exclusive.  It’s just a little geeky is all.

Details about the album are at, because Quantum Mechanix and Black Market Beagles commissioned and paid for this album.  That makes it my first record deal!  Interviews about it will be released soon on The Signal podcast and


Some folks have questioned the availability of the album, since only 1,000 autographed and numbered CD’s will be printed, and it’s being released first at the Creation Convention at the end of this month, where I’m playing a rockin’ concert.  Here’s how it works: if you’re at the convention, you have first dibs, because that’s where it will be released.  After that, starting November 24th, you can order the CD online, but only through QuantumMechanix.comFriends and family — that includes you! You can’t get the disc from me, only from the website.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.

But the digital version of the album will also be released on November 24th, and that should be available through the usual outlets — iTunes,, AmazonMP3, and so on.  The digital version of the album I distribute myself, so you don’t need to worry about missing out.

This collection is all about being a nerd, and how awesome it is to be a nerd — and aren’t we all nerds for something?  I’m a nerd for Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, and all the songs on this album are inspired by those shows.  But they are also all listenable for folks who are not familiar with the stories and characters — this is music about relationships and real life.  If you know the shows, you’ll get the encoded secret message.  But if not, this is still music that I’m proud of — some of it represents a big step forward for me when it comes to writing, producing, and singing, and it’s also quite a bit more finished than any of the Songs of the Month.  This is a work by commission, meaning it would never have been produced except for the folks who loved the music enough to get it recorded and distributed.  It’s a special project for you who asked.  So thank you for asking!

Those of you who are connected in the internet world — spread the word!  It would be tacky for me to advertise on the boards myself, so I need some help.  The big announcement graphic above is at, and the album cover (photo by Brian Adams) is at  The sample MP3’s can be embedded in web pages that allow that sort of thing, and they’re all at  You can put any of these on your own website, or on message boards and forums.  Let’s light up the web!


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