Feb 08 – Zombie Cheerleading Camp

03/10/2009 at 8:44 pm | Posted in General Nerdery, Just for Fun, Music, News & Explanations | 2 Comments


This just in…here at MC headquarters we have received some electronic files from a parallel universe in which I rock, and I have been instructed to post them here.

**If you’re just joining us, this month’s special song is NOT typical Marian Call fare, except inasmuch as Marian likes to try new things and have fun.**

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’ve written a breakup/revenge song called “We’re Out for Blood.” Because I had to. Those of you who hate Valentine’s Day can feel free to thank me and forward the song link to former significant others.

When the creator of the film “Zombie Cheerleader Camp” approached me about commissioning a song, how could I possibly say no? The film is everything you could hope for based on the name — zombies, check, cheerleaders, check, camp, check — and I was happy to contribute. Go to zombiecheerleadingcamp.com for details about the film, which will be released later this year.

I was joined on this track by a couple former members of Delmag, a late great Alaskan rock band (they were awesome enough that I understand there is now a Delmag Tribute band in Anchorage). Guitarist Ryan Brownell and Drummer Eric Kross comprised the band 1HW, which was formed for the sole purpose of recording this track. There were tears at the end of the recording session. Tears in my jeans, I mean, rips. Because I wanted to get into the spirit of the song and all.

Seriously, I totally wish you guys could have been there to see me attempting to sing a song like this. It was funny and a little pathetic. Be not deceived: it’s possible some of you might think I SOUND like I rock, but there ain’t no rock about it. I think I understand how Weird Al Yankovic feels just a little bit. Which is something I will not often have occasion to say.

So envision zombie cheerleaders devouring one another at summer camp — and enjoy!


Thanks also to Steve Nigl for the awesome “album artwork” above for Marian Call and 1HW’s one and only tune. Feel free to steal the pic if you’re downloading the song.



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  1. […] And I’ll close with one more from Marian. The title song from the movie “Zombie Cheerleader Camp.” If you’re curious how this song came about, you can read more on Marian’s blog post: Zombie Cheerleading Camp […]

  2. Exceptional blog..

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